Real Estate Services in Kenya

Our Real Estate Services in Kenya include Property Valuation , Property Management and Property Advisory Services.

We believe in creating wealth for our clients. Our services reflect values of integrity, professionalism, technology and innovation. Our approach is to give our clients, partners and community maximum value using the most efficient means. Our knowledge derived from formal study, experience and research is useful in solving complex property, investment, acquisition, development, management, Valuation and disposal problems.

Property Valuation

Property Valuation is the process of developing an opinion of value for real property. The purpose for which a property valuation is required is important as the value of property is not necessarily the same for all purposes.
Creating and growing wealth is one thing while measuring the growth and quantifying its time is another. At Ark Consultants Limited we have the knowledge, experience, skill and tools to measure and quantify the growth of your wealth through best practices and applicable valuation/appraisal techniques.

Property Management

Property Management is the operation, control and oversight of real estate. Property Management is also the management of of personal property, equipment, tooling and physical capital assets that are acquired and used to build, repair and maintain end item deliverables. Property Management involves the process, systems and manpower required to manage the life-cycle of all acquired property.

Whether property is owned for investment, development, or personal use, the technical and legal complexities of property management can place a disproportionate burden on both time and resources.

Estate Agency & Broking

As a Real Estate Services are able to meet the increasingly specific needs of purchasers and demands of professional assistance to facilitate a profitable sale or letting of property. To achieve the above we employ appropriate marketing techniques, accurate targeting and cost efficient methods to achieve our goals.

Construction & Project Management

Real estate project management is a complex undertaking requiring coordination of different professions. We have the capability to manage projects and generate revenue for our clients.

Property Market Studies

We undertake professional research reports on historical property values and rentals, in addition to looking at the expected rental and purchase price of various types of properties.

Property Investment Advisory

Property Investment is a multidisciplinary complex process that requires skill and knowledge if the anticipated benefits are to be realised. It provide returns in the form of rent and capital appreciation.

Property Development Advisory

We offer property development services that include development advice, planning advice and project management.

Case Study

Tanga Heights

Tanga Heights


As project managers we ensure efficient contract administration by liaising and coordinating the project consultants, contractors and suppliers to ensure that the project is delivered to specifications, on budget and on time. This service also includes:

  • Undertaking procurement advice.
  • Risk management.
  • Property audit and evaluation.

Facilities Management

We ensure that the management of an occupied building enables and enhances the organization’s ability to meet its business objectives.

Case Study

Wanandege Plaza

Wanandege Plaza


We manage an organization’s non-core building services, together with the associated human resources and its buildings in order to assist the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. Services managed include:

  • IT equipment
  • Parking
  • Movable assets such as furniture

Property Maintenance

We offer services that ensure that the standard of maintenance of property is improved and that repair costs are reduced.

Case Study


This service follows the following process:

  • An initial survey is made and problem areas identified.
  • A report is prepared and in close consultation with the client, a cost of maintenance programme is developed.
  • Careful planning and analyzed allocation of available funds is done, resulting in minimizing both costs and interruption.