Land Prices in Ngong Town

Ngong area is a vast middle and high income residential area within Kajiado County. The larger Ngong neighbors are Kibiku, Matasia ,Kerarapon and Karen/Ololua forest. Ngong is the central town of Ngong division which comprises a mix of both commercial and residential developments. There are a number of factors that act as economic drivers some of which have been highlighted below.

One of the factors is population growth. Ngong is one of the well-developed outskirts of Nairobi where the residents are primarily “Nairobians” who build houses in the more quiet regions of the city. Increase in population has led to growth of the town with many businesses and institutions coming up. These include banking institutions, educational institutions and numerous retail businesses. The high traffic levels and the ongoing development of the proposed Milele Shopping Mall is a clear indication of the rising population in the area.

The other factor is location of the town in relation to Nairobi city. Ngong is one of the quiet residential regions of the city highly preferred by the middle and high income earners. The town has good infrastructure which include road network that easily connects it to the citycentre.

Other factors include availability of building materials and water. There are stone quarries in Ngong Oloolua area, Ongata Rongai, Gataka area and Kiserian along Kiserian Isinya road.The quarries provide both hard and soft stones. The hard stones are used for construction of foundations while the soft ones are best for superstructure walling and decoration. Ngongalso has plenty of water from underground reservoirs. Individuals and organisations have sunk boreholes and already have existing water piping networks that serve the water to individual plots.

Land price in Ngong is dependent on the distance from Ngong town. Distance from the city centre also affects price with plots closer to Nairobi fetching higher than plots farther away.Plots within Ngong town sell for between 9 to 12m for 0.125 of an acre. This translates to 80 million per acre or 40 million per 0.5 of an acre. Plots 500 meters from tarmac are selling at between 5 and 8 million for 0.125 of an acre which translates to 48 million per acre or 24 million per 0.5 of an acre. Plots located 1 km from tarmac costs around 3 million per 0.125 of an acre which translates to 24 million per acre. Plots located 2 km from tarmac cost between 1 to 2 million per 0.125 of an acre. However, these prices vary depending on availability of other services such as water, electricity and feeder roads.

Distance from large shopping developments such as the Juanco shopping centre also affects land prices. The upcoming Milele Shopping Mall within the Ngong PCEA church land will also affect land prices. Land in Ngong can also be used to construct high-rise buildings.There are no restrictions to the types of developments that can be constructed.