Home Staging Tips

Selling your house is not as easy or hard as it is made to look. The position one takes boils down to preparations. The tips outlined below, should enable you to sell your house in an easy way, even in a difficult market. The steps will make it possible for you to turn your house into one of those can’t pass opportunity for potential buyers. The tips are summarised into 5 easy steps as follows:

Decide to sell
This is the most important tip. The decision to sell must be absolute. If there are family members (for example spouse and children) to be consulted and consent obtained, this must be done well before any preparations commence. Putting your property into the market and you are not sure of whether you would like to sell may backfire on you in the years when you finally decide to sell. Buyers would like to deal with sure sellers.

Determine the Price
The price needs to be just right for you the seller and buyer to get value for money. A high price will turn away potential buyers and slows down the sale through protracted negotiations. On the other hand a low price will lead to a loss. It is therefore important that the price set be realistic. A more objective way is to get a professional third party assessment. The alternative is to carry out a neighbourhood market research.

Improve the image of the house
First impression do last and count in buying decision. The image of the house plays a great role in influencing price. Improving the image of the house does not require heavy capital investment. In fact all that is required are relatively low effort, low cost high yielding facelifts such as repainting, repairing the driveway, planting flowers, replacing dated lighting and broken fixtures and fittings.

Clean and Depersonalise
Potential buyers would like to see themselves and their families living in the house. It is therefore important that you erase your personality from the property. This includes removing excessive furniture and junk, family photos, religious items, political and sports posters. For cleaning it is advisable to use professional cleaners who will do a thorough and deep cleaning.

Ultimately the house you are selling is the show house and you therefore need to stage it. This involves giving rooms obvious roles (bedroom, living room, study etc) the property and turn the spaces into a showroom. Flexibility in viewing times will increase the number of people who will be able to view the house. The best time are morning hours, evenings and weekends. On the days when potential buyers are coming to view, it is advice that you remove pets from the premises.