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Our Core Services

Asset Valuation

We are able to provide independent valuation of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs.

Property Management

Whether property is owned for investment, development, or personal use, the technical and legal complexities of property management can place a disproportionate burden on both time and resources.

Estate Agency & Broking

We are specialists in the sale and identification of suitable tenants for your property/ premises.

Construction Project Management

Real estate project management is a complex undertaking requiring coordination of different professions. We have the capability to manage projects and generate revenue for our clients.

Investment Management

We provide strategic investment management well aware that our clients are looking for positive cash flows and competitive returns.

Property Market Studies

We undertake professional research reports on historical property values and rentals, in addition to looking at the expected rental and purchase price of various types of properties.

Investment Advisory

Property Investment is a multidisciplinary complex process that requires skill and knowledge if the anticipated benefits are to be realised. We provide returns in the form of rent and capital appreciation.

Property Maintenance

We offer services that ensure that the standard of maintenance of property is improved and that repair costs are reduced.

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