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Ark Consultants Limited

An innovative and integrated real estate services provider

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Expansive Real

Estate Directory

If it exists, we have it or we'll find it for you

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Wide Foresight

In Asset Management

Be in the know of what is and what will be

through our insightful property reviews

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Industry Opportunities

Take advantage of what we offer

and live life on your own terms

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Global Leaders Asset Managers

We set the pace and our services

provide you with a head start

in the property market place

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Trusted Investment Partner

Build your egg nest through our trusted

investment programmes

Estate Agency

We are specialists in the sale and identification of suitable tenants for your property/ premises.

Investment Management

We provide strategic investment management well aware that our clients are looking for positive cash flows and competitive returns.

Property Valuation

We are able to provide independent valuation of all types of assets for all purposes and business needs.

Our Portfolio

We are an innovative and integrated real estate services provider delivering a broad range of focussed, customized, reliable and professional property advisory services to corporates, individuals, public agencies and non- profit organisations. We maintain a large database of clients and have an in-depth knowledge of potential tenants and buyers.

About Us

Ark Consultants Limited (ACL) is headquartered in Nairobi and has branches in Nanyuki, Nyeri and Kisumu.Our branch network and presence gives us ample spread to serve a vast part of the country and region.

We believe in creating wealth for the customer, value integrity, professionalism, technology and innovation and respect.Our approach is to give our customers, partners and community maximum value using the most efficient means.

Since formation in 2004, ACL has been at the forefront providing a wide range of consultancy services in Kenya and within the region.Our knowledge derived from formal study, experience and research is useful in solving complex property, investment, acquisition, development, management and disposal problems.

Our ethos is rooted in values of integrity, teamwork, commitment, openness, discipline and attitude. We are dedicated to making our clients and shareholders prosperous in addition to driving development and innovation in the community.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We assist our customers to create, grow, measure and manage their wealth with honesty, integrity, happiness, competence, patience and distinction.

  • Staff Gratification

    We aim to provide a safe, clean, just, innovative and conducive work environment for staff and their career growth.

  • Opportunity Creation

    We strive to create opportunities for those reasonable, talented, educated and experienced to grow and lead.

  • Community Development

    We contribute to the improved general welfare of society by generating ideas/solutions that result in creation of wealth and employment and supporting works of charity.

  • Return On Investment

    We strive to make a reasonable return to the shareholders.